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Amazing Benefits of Massage

Massage is a fantastic, luxurious, feel-good treatment, but guess what?! That is not only a feel-good treatment; it is incredibly therapeutic and beneficial to your whole body, as it relates to wellness.

1. Enhances Circulation and Reduces Heat Rate

Massage has an excellent effect on the cardiovascular system. This alternative therapy helps to reduce heart rate, in addition to increasing the blood flow throughout the body. This process results in improvement with the overall function of the body, nutrient and oxygen travelling more efficiently through the body. An increase in blood circulation also helps with quicker muscle repair and growth for muscle tissue/fibres. Therefore, by healing those fibres, it also mitigates those muscular aches and pains.

2. Cortisol Buster and Improves Brain Activity

Massage also affects the endocrine and nervous system in the fact that it has effects on the heart; it certainly would be a stress buster.

These body systems play an integral role in the way in which other systems function.

For the way massage affects the brain, is that it improves overall brain activity. It has excellent effects on a person's mental ability it releases/induces these hormones that promote sleep, which is triggered by the increase in serotonin levels in the body. It means that whenever you have a massage, it reduces the level of cortisol in the body.

3. Boost Immunity and Nourishes the Skin

Given that massage promotes healing and boost circulation, it also with lymph circulation similarly to that of the cardiovascular system. However, the lymphatic system does not function totally like the cardiovascular circulation for two primary reasons: 1) it does not have a significant pump (the heart) and 2) it only flows in one direction, to a collection point near the heart — the pressure from massage cause the increase lymph flow, which aid with the body overall immunity. I also help to balance the body as a whole and aid with more efficient function lymph carrying the waste from various spaces within the body as well as carrying nutrient throughout the body. When lymph flows more freely, it stops oedema from forming. When water becomes localized in a part of the body, it means that the lymph is not flowing to properly. So consider this your internal barracks; whereas your integumentary system is what protects us from externals. Massage is very active on the skin because it stimulates the sweat and sebaceous glands, thus cooling the body faster and improving the suppleness and elasticity of the skin.

4. Muscle movement restoration and Lubricates Joints

Massage helps to improve muscle tone and movement because of the boost of blood and lymph transport nutrients to and from the muscles. It also helps to loosen the fascia around the deep and superficial muscles by warming them through continuous massages strokes aiding with better movement. Also, massage is very beneficial to persons with joint issues since it stimulates the production of synovial fluid, helping to keep the synovial joints lubricated, which enhances shock absorption.

Massage is a therapy that is all-encompassing given it affects everybody system when being administered. The reason it has a potent effect on the cardiovascular and nervous body system, in addition to our lymphatic body systems and these systems are all interconnected with each other and other body systems within the body.

So if you haven't tried it as a mean to relax at the very least, I suggest you should.

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