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What's In A Nail Shape?!

We often express ourselves through our hairstyles, haircuts, clothing, shoes, bags, etc. It is all about showcasing our personalities - so why not through our nails?! Specifically nail shapes, whether it be our natural nails or extensions. It is not only about the colour polish, arts and jewels but the nail shape to add character, as a signification of who we are.

Throughout the ages, nail shapes and extensions have advanced into modern nail shapes and now worn by the masses.

Predating the Ming Dynasty, the Egyptians also wore nail extensions and varnish as enhancement and differentiate themselves from regular folk. In the post 19th century, nobles in Greece also wore nail extensions.

Both women and also men either grow long nails or wear extensions. It is better to define a particular nail shape on longer nails than it is on shorter nails. Your nail technician generally inquires about your desired shape and determines the possibility of you achieving a pristine look/shape using your natural nails or if the extension would be more suitable.

Grouping nail shapes help to better distinguish the classic looks from the more daring nail shapes.

Some classic shapes are:

  • Square

  • Oval

  • Round

The most popular modern non-classic shapes are:

  • Almond

  • Stiletto

  • Coffin

  • Squoval

Nail shapes
What's In A Nail Shape?!

Ideally, it is about merging personal preference and creativity you choose the nail shape, ranging from conservative to edgy. While some nail shape also suits some occasions more than others, persons still opt for their preference.

With your natural nails, sometimes your nail tech may opt to give you what shape best suits you if indecisive.

From Classic to Edgy, if you desire happy hands, give us a call @ 23-BLISS for 166Zen Nails by Serenity & Bliss Mobile Massage Therapy.

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