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5 Reasons Why To Get A Facial

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

A facial is all about making your skin feel soft, healthy and rejuvenated, leaving it with a luminous glow. Having a facial is an exceptional treatment which can either be hands-on, all facial-electrics or a combination of both.

There are plenty of reasons to have a facial professionally done since you get to address various skin concerns, in addition to obtaining advice from a certified esthetician. Indulging in a facial massage is the ultimate exercise for the face.

Tender Loving Care for Yourself

It is essential to treat yourself to a spa day where you can relax and de-stress while maintain and tending to the health of your skin. Having a facial invokes a feel-good effect on one's mood, which helps to alleviate stress, anxiety and even depression.

Detoxifies the skin

A facial is a massage of opulence using lymphatic drainage techniques to remove toxins, dead skin cells and pollutants and other impurities. This spa treatment improves the skin's natural glow while addressing different skin issues. Products such as cleansers, masks, exfoliants may have detoxifying properties. Steaming is sometimes used in the process.

Addresses Skin Concerns

Skin concerns affect many people so having a professional facial does wonders. Facials can treat concerns like hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne, black/whiteheads, fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness, dehydration and other issues.

Skin Rejuvenation

Due to the natural ageing process, our skin loses its glow over time. Facial masks and moisturizers are especially helpful with renewing and refreshing the skin. This results in improved skin texture with a more luminous and even complexion by boosting hydration, stimulating collagen and cellular regeneration.

Professional Advice

With every facial, a certified esthetician assesses your skin and give you a diagnosis and the necessary advice. The therapist does a verbal or written consultation

before the facial procedure. During this time, you can relay your concern and ask questions about home care products, skin type and other enquiries on interests relative to your skin. Depending on the environment, some estheticians welcome conversation during the treatment.

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